12% Club Review: Earn 12% Interest on Every Investment, Daily Settlement

12% Club is a technology-based application (“12% Club“) that allows you to earn a return of up to 12% on amounts invested by deploying them with NBFC-peer to peer platforms (“P2P NBFC Partners”), as well as borrow at a rate of 12% per annum from their lending partners.

Anyone who invests through the app can request to withdraw their funds at any time, partially or completely, without incurring any withdrawal fees. They can begin by investing Rs 1,000, and the maximum amount that an individual can invest is currently set at Rs 10 lakh. The company stated that this would be increased to Rs 50 lakh in the coming months.

Hi friends, you should know 12% Club is their brand name and Resilient Innovations Private Limited is a registered name for this particular service. They partner with various P2P NBFC Partners and NBFC partners for providing these services. The investment amounts are placed with RBI regulated P2P NBFC, Innofin Solutions Private Limited (“LenDenClub“) and NDX P2P Private Limited (“Liquiloans“) and the borrowing is extended by RBI regulated NBFC – Hindon Mercantile Limited.

Customers who use the 12% Club app can invest their savings at any time by lending money through BharatPe’s partner P2P NBFCs. Furthermore, consumers can obtain collateral-free loans of up to Rs 10 lakh on the 12% Club for a three-month term.

You have the option of withdrawing the entire amount or a portion of it before maturity. The amount you choose will be credited to your bank account. Please keep in mind that, according to RBI P2P regulations, the maximum tenure cannot exceed 36 months with your investment.

The return is earned daily on your investment based on deployment with registered borrowers through the P2P NBFC Partner. You can earn up to a 12% return on your invested amount. 

Example – if you invest ₹ 1,00,000 with 12% Club. You will earn up to 12% return per year – ₹ 12,000 and ₹ 33 per day. Return will be earned from the next day (based on disbursement to a borrower).

How much money can you lend?

12% Club partnered with multiple lenders to provide smooth service to the customers. A single lender’s exposure to the same borrower across all P2Ps shall not exceed Rs 50,000. The aggregate exposure of a lender to all borrowers at any point in time, across all P2Ps, shall be limited to Rs 10,00,000. However, if you submit a certified net worth certificate of Rs 50,00,000, you are allowed to borrow up to Rs 50,00,000 (Rs 50 Lakh).

Notable Information

  • Your investment’s daily earnings are not re-invested.
  • You can withdraw them with or without principal in the usual way.
  • Withdrawal requests are usually processed within one business day of the date of the request.
  • The money you withdraw will be credited to your registered bank account.

How to get a Loan from 12% Club?

To be eligible for loans, you must have a good credit score. However, they might reject your loan application for a variety of reasons. Please maintain a good credit score to get loans from different banks and lenders. It’s possible that it’s one of the following to reject:

  • Their lending partner may deem you ineligible.
  • You may not have provided all the necessary supporting documents.

On your borrowings, interest is calculated at 12% per year, depending on your creditworthiness. If you borrow Rs 1,00,000 with a 12% Club, at an interest rate of 12% per year, i.e. Rs 1000 for One month. Every day, Rs 33 in interest is added. There is no penalty for paying in advance, you can be paid off at any time.

All Loans given to you are fixed for three months. You paid the loan in advance, that is very cool. On completion of the duration, they will pull off the Principal amount with interest from your registered bank account.

The loan offers start from as low as ₹ 10,000 and up to ₹10,00,000. The maximum amount of loan will differ from person to person depending on their creditworthiness.

Please keeping mind that you can’t take a loan and lend at the same time. But, you can either take out a loan or lend money at any time.

Why 12% Club:

  • Investment
    • No Joining Fees
    • Daily Interest Credit
    • Withdraw Funds anytime (Instant Withdrawal)
    • No Settlement Charges (No Withdrawal Fee)
    • Earn Interest up to 12%.


  •  Borrowing with 12% Club
    • Borrow at 12%
    • Easy Repayment
    • Anytime RePrepay
    • No Extra Charges

How to Join

Now, I am going to explain to you how any individual invests & earn extra income and borrow fulfilled their instant needs. Let’s explore with following points:

  • Install 12% Club from Play Store.
  • Get Ready your documents
    • Aadhaar Card (make sure your mobile number is registered with your aadhaar card)
    • PAN Card.
    • Bank Account.
  • Open the 12% Club Application
  • Go to Menu, just right top of the application.
  • Click on the Profile
  • Follow the instructions in the App
  • Complete your KYC Verification
  • Your KYC will be completed instantly

How to use

You will be approved instantly after submitting eKYC through the 12% Club App. Now you can start investing 12% and it is easy to add money using UPI, Debit Card or Net Banking. They don’t charge to adding money to your 12% Club Account.

Download 12% Club

That’s all, with 12% Club you can invest and take the loan at 12% as well. With minimum KYC, you are allowed to invest at higher interest better than Saving Account, Fix a Deposit as well and borrow at minimum interest. They offer loans starts from as low as Rs10,000 and up to  Rs 10,00,000. Thank you for reading this article. If you get the benefit from this article, please share it with your friends and family.


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