A Look at Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are the way to go if you need to partially hide your cameras from view. Banks, for example, use a combination of wireless and wired, visible and hidden cameras to intimidate potential robbers, but continue to photograph them even if the wired cameras are turned off.

The same is true in Las Vegas casinos. Take a look around the next time you walk into a casino or a bank. There are cameras visible, and they are there for “publicity” purposes. That is, they are there to deter a potential robber or petty thief from acting because their actions are being recorded. The owners of these establishments want you to see these cameras and think twice about doing anything nefarious in their establishments.

Then there’s the issue of hidden cameras. The photograph through small holes in the walls or ceilings, or from behind specially designed ordinary devices you’d expect to find in the location. They’re almost always wireless, so they can be placed anywhere. After the visible systems have been disabled, wireless security cameras provide information to the police about who may have committed a crime.

Wireless cameras can be powered by batteries. That is, they are used to monitor people’s activities for a limited period of time. Their advantage is that they can be placed in a variety of easily concealed positions, unlike cameras, which require a wire to be connected to both their power source and a recording device.

These cameras have recently been built into clocks, children’s toys, and other common household devices, earning them the moniker “nanny-cams.” They became more popular for catching babysitters and nannies who look after precious children who may not be talking yet. When unbalanced adults are left in charge of toddlers who can’t speak, horrible abuse can occur.

Concerned parents began using these devices to monitor the actions of the adult in charge while they were away. The couple could then watch the tapes to see what happened while they were gone. Some of these tapes were so shockingly bad in terms of what they captured on videotape that they resulted in the prosecution of the adult offender and frequently landed on national tabloid TV shows. Since then, they’ve evolved into a built-in, cleverly concealed device that’s frequently found in homes where hired help is keeping an eye on young children.


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