How to Reschedule IIBF BF/BC Exam | Rules to be followed for rescheduling the IIBF BC/BF Examination

Dear All, This is a very strict warning that IIBF Exam reschedule protocol should be followed for rescheduling the examination


Please strictly follow the below-mentioned guidelines


1. Technical issue if any should be reported on the same day by Centre to DM/DC and DM/DC will email to [email protected] with the subject line :

Reschedule Request of Member No…………….with proposed date…….. . I am verified DM/DC from district …. that the issue is genuine and may be considered for rescheduling. The reason for the exam not being conducted should be valid and well explained in the mail body with all the candidate details.


2. Proposed Next date of the exam will be in the same month or not greater than the 1st week of next month

3. No request of rescheduling from previous months in next month will be carried forwarded and will be entertained.

4. Exam centre will take issues of candidates and will post immediately into what group to seek help from the technical team. No unnecessary communication to IIBF. Action will be taken against centres that do not resolve queries of candidates.

5. All centre facilitators should ask DM/DC/state SPoC to add them to the WhatsApp group of IIBF help.
DM/DC will remove the centres as well as from the group that are not active.

6. All exam centres should place a poster /banner and mobilize more candidates for this examination.

7. Exam Centre has to at least do registration and conduct the examination of 5 candidates for BC/BF exam in a month’s otherwise chance will be given to some other good VLE.


Please note:- Examinations will not be scheduled due to any domestic reason Examinations only be rescheduled under unavoidable circumstances

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