ICICI Direct Refer & Earn Rs 8000 for 10 accounts, automatic transfer in your Bank Account

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When stockbrokers ask us to refer friends and family to open a Demat account with them, the first question that comes to mind is, “What’s in it for us?” To better answer that question, ICICI direct has introduced the ICICI direct Refer and Earn offer!

So let’s get right to it and see what benefits this programme can provide for your money-making ambitions!

Hello friends, if you want to boost your profits, join the ICICI Direct referral programme and bring your friends. You will receive an ICICI Direct referral incentive of Rs 800 for opening and trading your friend’s Demat and trading account, which you can deposit directly to their bank account.

ICICI Direct Referral Program

If you are a new customer, the ICICI Direct Referral Program offers you a fantastic opportunity to earn money. You will receive Rs 300 as compensation if someone successfully registers a Demat and Trading account with ICICIDirect using your referral code or link, and Rs 500 as commission if they make their first transaction within their account opening. Your total account income is now Rs 800.

ICICI Direct Demat Account Open Now

Why Open An ICICI Direct Demat & Trading Account?

  1. Take a look at the various advantages of an ICICI trading and Demat account – Plans with a Low Brokerage Level
  2. India’s best retail broker
  3. Margin funding up to 4x at an interest rate of 8.9%
  4. Grandfathering of Tax Returns in Real-Time
  5. In 75+ locations, we have 200 branches and 7100 business partners.
  6. Calculation of Capital Gains in Real-Time

Document Required To Open Account On ICICI Direct

  1. Mobile Number & Email
  2. Address proof (Aadhaar Card)
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
  4. Passport-sized colour photographs
  5. Bank Passbook/ Cancel Cheque
  6. Nominee Details

ICICI Direct Referral Code 2022

RM Code to be used while opening Demat account is SHAH7865. You will receive a free Demat and trading account, as well as other benefits valued at Rs. 7099.

How to Open ICICI Direct Demat Account

  1. Here’s where you can get the ICICI Direct App or Link.
  2. To create an account, open the App or Link and enter your phone number.
  3. Complete the KYC process and your account will be activated.
  4. You have now successfully enrolled for an ICICI Direct account.
  5. Your login information will be emailed to your registered email address as soon as possible.

How to Refer Friends & Earn ₹800 Per Refer

  1. First, open the app or Click here to get ICICI Direct referral Link
  2. Select the Refer & Earn option.
  3. To create a unique referral link, enter your phone number.
  4. You will receive Rs.300 if your friend registers a Demat and trading account with ICICI Direct, and Rs.500 if they make the first transaction after account opening.
  5. You will earn a total of ₹800 for each referral this way.
  6. Example: Now, the incentive is Rs 800 per account. If you refer your 10 friends, then you can Rs 8000 (i.e. Rs 800 x 10 Friends = Rs 8000)

How to generate Referal Link

If you are unable to find your ICICI Direct referral link, then click here to generate a referral link. For this feature, you have to complete the Opening and KYC process of the ICICI Direct Demat and Trading account.

Steps to be followed to generate unique referal link

  • Click here to open the ICICI Website
  • Enter our registered mobile number
  • Click on the GO button
  • Unique link will be generated
  • Now, copy the link and share to your friends
  • Your incomes will be deposited directly in your registered bank account.


The person who is referred must create an account by clicking on the referral link that was sent to him or her. The referrer will not be eligible for the referral incentive if they open an account without clicking on the referral link.

Demat and Trading account will be opened after comprehensive document and application verification as per SEBI/Exchange regulations and internal policies and procedures of the company, within 7 working days.

Referrer will receive referral reward within 7 working days after Referer account is activated

In a given month, a client can refer up to 100 people. For clients suggested in excess of the set limit, the subscriber will not earn any referral bonus. This change will go into effect on August 4, 2021.


  • What benefits or rewards will the referrer get?

When the referred user successfully opens a Demat and trading account with ICICIdirect, the referrer will receive Rs 300. If the referred user trades in the equity, F&O, or commodities segments within 30 days of account opening, the referrer will receive an additional Rs. 500.

  • What benefits or rewards will the referee get?

The referee will receive a free Demat and trading account, as well as other benefits valued at Rs. 7099. The following terms and conditions apply.

  • When will the referrer be rewarded?

Once the referee account is activated, the referrer will receive the referral reward within 7 working days.

  • Is there any limit on the number of customers that can be referred?

In a given month, a client may refer a maximum of 100 customers. For customers referred in excess of the specified limit, the client will not receive any referral benefit. This change will take effect on August 4, 2021.

  • What is the solution if there is more than the limit number of customers that can be referred?

In case you wish to refer and earn more, you can explore our Referral Associate partner program here

  • Can Employees of ICICI Group, Agent or Business Partner participate in Refer & Earn program?

This “Refer and Earn” programme is only for customers. As a result, all ICICI Securities and ICICI Group employees (and their immediate family members) are ineligible for the “Refer & Earn” programme. All ICICI Group employees are required to use the referral link available on the ICICI Universe/Intranet.

  • What is the eligibility criteria for the Referral Program?

The person who has been referred must create an account by clicking on the special referral link that has been sent to them. The referrer will not be eligible for the referral reward if the referred person opens an account without clicking on the referral link.

To be eligible for a referral credit, the referee must open an account within 60 days of the date the link was shared.

  • Who is the referee?

A Referee is a person who has been referred by the Referrer to open a Demat and Trading account with ICICIdirect.

  • For whom is the Referral offer applicable?

Clients who have an ICICI direct account are eligible for the referral offer.

  • Who is a referrer?

A referrer is a current ICICI direct client who recommends his friends and family to open a free Demat and trading account with ICICI direct.


Earning Scope of Rs 59900 per Month

You can apply Authorized Person(AP) to increase your monthly and annual income. As an Authorized Person(AP), you have been given the chance of earning around Rs 15101 per account annually.

SEBI no longer issues sub brokerships to new applicants. SEBI has allowed Exchanges to grant permission to individuals, firms, or corporations to register as Authorised Persons to make the process easier (AP). Individuals or entities can use them as intermediaries for equity investment and trade. For all intents and purposes, they are the same.

After onboarding you as an Authorized Person(AP), you can generate leads for the following services and earn more income monthly and annually.

Services to be provided to customers:

  1. Equity Products: Equity, Derivatives including Currency Derivatives, Commodities
  2. Mutual Funds: MF Lumpsum & SIP
  3. Fixed Income Products: Corporate Fixed Deposit, Bonds, FD, NCDs, IPO/FPO
  4. Insurance: Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance.
  5. Loan Products: Home Loan, Home Loan Top up, Loan Against Property (LAP), Lease Rental Discounting (LRD), Personal Loan, Credit Card, Auto Loan, Gold Loan, Two Wheeler Loan, Loan Against Security (LAS), Forex, Travel Cards.


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