Useful and Important Tips for IIBF Exam Centers | How to avoid errors for IIBF Exam Centers working through CSC

Dear CSC VLEs / Centre Facilitator, to ease the taking IIBF BC/BF examination, we will be sharing Examination tips (how to conduct the BC/BF examination, how to get registered) on regular basis. You can share those tips with your VLE Colleagues /IIBF examination centre facilitators to avoid mistakes while conducting/getting registered for the examination.

I hope this article will definitely help you to achieve your BC/BF allocated target. Dear Exam Facilitators kindly go through this article properly to conduct exams without any problems. Make sure you have followed the given important tips:


System Configuration Required for IIBF Exam Centers

1) Windows 10 is mandatory.
2) No Antivirus should be installed on the machine
3) Windows defender/ Firewall should be disabled.
4) MSB/SEB should be updated properly with the latest version
5) Latest version of Google Chrome is required
6) Internal / External camera should be in proper working condition
7) Google chrome popup should not be disabled.
8) It is assumed that all the required .NET, C++ frameworks are already installed in your machine.
9) Uninstall remote software like Skype, Ammyy Admin, Anydesk, etc. It would be disabled to conduct the examination.

If you have all this properly you will never face any issues while conducting the examination


Start Exam in Time

👉 Always start early to avoid the huge line-up and waiting in the queue for a long time.

Clear & Visible ID Cards for IIBF Exam Centers

👉 In order to avoid rejection of candidate ID proof while conducting the examination please hold the candidate’s Original ID cards properly in front of the camera so the details on the ID card should be very clear and visible to the approver.


Valid and Proper ID Card for CSC IIBF Exam

👉 In order to avoid unnecessary delay/rejection of candidate ID card during the examination by the approver team. Candidate should present their original ID card at the time of examination (ID from the mobile, xerox, broken ID is not allowed). The presented ID should be very clear and the demographic data must be the same as the registered ID.


Difference between Profile password and Examination password

1) Profile Password: This is sent through email to the candidate after registration. Used to log in on IIBF member profile (can not be used for the examination). This is a combination of small and capital letters.

2) Examination Password: Mentioned on the admit card of the candidate. This is only used to Login for the examination and is in capital letters only.


Minimum marks to be Score for CSC IIBF Exam

👉 The candidate needs to secure a minimum of 40 marks in order to pass the BC/BF examination.


Score Certificate for CSC IIBF Exam

👉 A provisional scorecard for the candidate is immediately displayed on the screen once the examination is submitted successfully. Physical certificates are discontinued by IIBF from Oct 2019. Certificates are sent to candidates on their registered email ID.


Examination Reschedule for CSC IIBF Exam

👉 If you are not able to conduct the examination due to Lockdown at your centre, then you need to convey the same information through email to your District Manager and your state SPoC in CC on the scheduled examination day only.

👉 The examination reschedules request will not be considered in case of not receiving the information on the mail to the team.

👉 I request all of you to take note of this in order to avoid any inconvenience in rescheduling the examination due to Lockdown.


Not Detect Camera error for CSC IIBF Exam Centers

👉 If your face ” Camera is not able to detect your face, please sit properly in front of the camera”. Try the below-mentioned possibilities.

There are a few reasons why the camera is not able to detect the candidate’s face. ‘
1) If the candidate is not sitting properly in front of the camera.
2) if the candidate is moving continuously away from the camera
3) If the candidate is continuously staring at the camera, with no facial expression.
4) If the student is wearing the Spects (goggle)
5) If there is the poor light focus in the room
6) If somebody is standing behind the candidate
7) If the candidate is wearing the mask or the candidate’s face is covered by the scarf.

Download Certificate for CSC IIBF Exam

Normally final digital certificates will be sent to successful candidates by Email on registered mail id with the Institute within 45 days from the date of Examination. (please check in spam mail also).

The paper certificate has been discontinued by the Institute for examinations conducted after October 2019. Please download the digital certificate from the below link.

1. Candidate can download a copy of the e-certificate only after the e-certificate is processed, digitally signed and emailed by the Institute.
2. E-certificate won’t be available for download in case of any discrepancy found in processing (e.g. photo/signature etc.).
3. After download candidates are advised to preserve the e-certificate file.
4. Candidate can not download e-certificate more than 3 times.

Admit Card not Received

If the admit card is not received on your registered mail even after the successful registration, please wait and have patience by the end of the next day the admit card will be sent to his/her registered e-mail ID.

All of you are requested to provide a proper and valid e-mail ID and mobile number while registering. Still, if the admit card is not received after 2 days, then email the registration details mentioned in the below format to [email protected]

Registered Name:
Registered Email:
Registered Mobile:
Registered Date:


Download Admit Card for CSC IIBF Exam

Download Admit Card if not received by clicking on the given link

👉 Steps to download admit card:

1) Open the link to download admit card.
2) Put your registration/member number in the Membership No. field.
3) Click on the download admit card option.
4) Click on the IIBF link to download it.


To ensure while conducting BCBF examination

  1. Setup your machine before candidate examination time
  2. Facilitating the candidate properly during the examination
  3. You have added the supervisor and his latest registered photo
  4. You are uploading supervisor live photo at the place of supervisor live photo only.
  5. You are uploading candidate live photographs at the place of the live photograph only
  6. The candidate is not talking to anyone else during the examination
  7. The only candidate is taking his own examination. Third-person is not allowed during the examination.
  8. Only 4 valid attempts will be given to the candidate to verify his identity through his live ID card and live photograph.
  9. If the candidate failed to do so approver will block the candidate and the candidate can not write the examination.
  10. “Candidate blocked for next 24 hrs. Please try again after sometimes”. This does not mean you can appear for the examination the next day. The candidate needs to reregister again after 30 days if the candidate is blocked for 24 hours.
  11. Any arguments on not following the guidelines by the candidate or centre owner will not be entertained at any cost.
  12. Admit card for the past examination (BC BF) date can not be downloaded. So, keep your digital certificate safe.
  13. If you want to give your exam to CSC authorised IIBF Exam centres, registration should be performed through CSC Digital Seva Portal only. Otherwise, CSC authorised IIBF Exam centres will not be shown to you.


Re-registration of Examination

👉 Candidates can re-register for the BC/BF examination only after 30 to 40 days from the previous examination date. The candidate has to wait till the result of the examination appeared batch is declared for re-registration. Re-registration can be done only in case if
1) Candidate failed the examination.
2) Candidate failed to appear in the examination.
3) Candidate missed the examination.


Technical support for for CSC IIBF Exam

Technical support numbers for the BC BF examination are

Mr Tejas
👉 8956684119
👉 8956684118

Queries raised on the above numbers will only be entertained.


Result of the BC BF examination

  • The result of the BC BF examination will be declared officially within one month after the examination.
  • Institute will be issuing Digitally Signed Certificate to the candidates who have enrolled and passed the course/examination conducted from 1st Oct-2019 onward.
  • The Certificate will be emailed to the email id of the candidate registered with the Institute.
  • The Paper Certificate presently issued by the Institute will be discontinued. Certificates are normally issued to successful candidates through mail within 45 days after the declaration of the result of the examination.


Violation during Examination

It is to inform you that the candidates are not allowed to write BC/BF examination only if

1) If the candidate uploaded a very small/blurred ID card while registering.

2) If the live ID card and registered ID card data do not match.

3) If the live candidate and registered candidate photos do not match.

4) If the instruction given by the approver is not followed by the candidate.

5) If the ID uploaded by the candidate is not a valid ID card. (e.g minor pan card, board mark sheet etc).

6) If the ID for verification is presented from the mobile.

3) If the candidate is not taking the test from the centre. Writing the examination sitting in the car is not allowed.


Failed to Register for Examination

Due to some technical issue, while registering for the BC/BF examination the amount is deducted from the CSC wallet but the registration number Or admit card for them is not generated.

In such a case do not worry, have some patience. Your payment will be refunded after the next day. You can register again for the examination.


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